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Aralık 2016




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hopeTime for a fresh start!

We have gone through tough times after Scorpio times; we have experienced some crisis and dived deep down in our lives. Now its time to cheer up, gather ourselves together and regain our confidence! New moon in Sagittarius is good for expanding our horizons, thinking and international connections. Small efforts can bring unexpectedly big returns. Take a small step about the things you want to accomplish you can have big gains!

Let’s see how the signs are effected from this new moon. Please read according to your rising sign.

Aries: International relations, travels to foreign countries, higher education and business deals with people from other countries are affected by this new moon. New beginnings about these subjects can bring good results and benefits. So use 15 days following this new moon to start any project in these areas.

Taurus: Joint finances, partner’s finance situation, bank loans and joint businesses are the subject of this new moon. You can apply for a loan to set up a business or pay off the loan you have received before. Also some financial support from others can be the subject of this new moon. Inheritance issues can come up to your attention during these days. Partnerships can provide benefits for you in these times.

Gemini: Relationships, marriages and partnerships are the subjects of this new moon. You can turn your love relationship into serious one or get married during this time. Also if you have problems in your marriage you may decide to make a clean break out of it. Some lawsuits could come up during these times and can result for your benefit.

Cancer: Your work life is in under the spots during this new moon. New colleague can come into your team, or you may change position in the same work place or completely different environment can be the case during these times. Also if there are people working for you, you can start something new about them. You can make fresh beginnings about your health, like deciding on healthy eating, quitting smoking or getting on a diet. These all tend to provide you better life.

Leo: Love is in the air dear Leo! This new moon can bring you the love you have desired. Also news about a baby or some good beginnings about your kids are possible. You can take up a new hobby which can enhance your life and could in the future provide you another way to earn money. Take steps in this period which lasts 15 days and you’ll see results and developments quickly.

Virgo: Your home, family and real estate issues are under the influence of this new moon. You can move home, buy a house or sell a house during these times. Also some issues about your family needs attention during this new moon. You may help your family to move or make some changes in their living conditions.

Libra: Your siblings, cousins, contracts and short distance travel is under the influence of this new moon. You may help the education of your close relatives or siblings. Also if you travel to some close by cities during these times, this travel can provide you big returns. Signing contracts can be the subjects coming to your attention during this new moon but make sure you understand everything right before you sign it!

Scorpio: Money is the issue of this new moon! You can change the way you earn money, or receive money from the previous works you have done. New beginnings are marked in this new moon, so take a small step during these times about earning money, you’ll be surprised how good it goes.

Sagittarius: This new moon is in your sign dear Sag, so make the most of it! You can make a fresh start about anything in your life, your work, hobbies, your look and anything else you can think of. As you have been experiencing difficult times due to Saturn transiting your sign, use this new moon to set up a new life for you. Universe will be supporting you in your new way!

Capricorn:  Your subconscious mind will be affected during this new moon. You can face your fears and continue your life in a better way. Some health issues can be resolved during this new moon period as well. It is a very good time for healing so make the most of it.

Aquarius: Friends, clubs and your social life are under the influence of this new moon. New and fresh beginnings can provide you good results and developments. If you work for an association you can receive many benefits and it can take up an important place in your life. Getting into a new circle of friends during this time is possible.

Pisces: Your career is highlighted by this new moon. You can set up your own business or you can make a change in your career that can provide you good results. Make sure you take a step during this new moon about your career it would provide you good results.

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