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Temmuz 2017




Yazar , Kategori Astroloji

On Sunday morning there was a full moon in the sign of Capricorn. This full moon has some harsh effects as it is accompanied by Mars and Pluto. The planet of action, war (Mars) and transformation Pluto opposing each other to force us to see the areas needing action in our lives. As many of you may know, full moons cause us to be more tense and reactive, if we also think about the planets accompanying this full moon than the effect kind of doubles.

Capricorn as a sign is about being in control, working hard, resisting change and trying to set its own system and as this is a full moon (and everyone has the sign of Capricorn in one part of their chart) everyone will be affected in one area of their lives. So what does this full moon require from us? Change and Transformation…  this can come out in different ways in our lives; as shocking events or events which force us to change our approach towards life. Also changing the old ways of thinking is in the subjects of this full moon.

So everyone will be affected in some way; it is time to change so if you’re in a not satisfying or troubled relationship but you feel like you need to stay in as you have been together since a long time, sorry universe will sort that out for you if you cannot. If you’re bored with your job but don’t have the courage to say goodbye, either you’ll do it or the events which will happen soon will force you to do it!

Also if there are areas in life where you behave really stubborn about, it is time to change it! Be open to change and follow the events of life to see where it is taking you… If we are going with the flow around these times that means we are going to manage better the events happening…

Whatever is bothering you lately will be the subjects needing your attention. I hope the change and transformation will bring you good results…

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